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Let your team become bigger than the sum of its parts.

Planning and organising a good offsite is a lot of work.

You want to ensure that your financial investment pays off and that your people spend their time wisely.

As experts in designing and facilitating all-inclusive, high-impact offsites,
we take over all of the hard work so that you can be an active part of the experience.

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What Is An All-Inclusive Offsite?

To provide you with the most powerful experience possible, we take care of everything from A to Z:
Booking a venue, organizing meals, designing & facilitating unique activities and even special requests such as creating customised team merchandising.

During the design process, you contribute with your own ideas as much or as little as you can and want.

All of it is included in one package – no hidden cost or extras.

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Our offsite with the Collective IQ team was a very intense, fun experience.
The energy and motivation of everyone was unbelievable and it was easy to keep going.
There was almost no time without a task or challenge, which really pushed this into new team building territory for me

Shinji Okitsu, Founder VigiLNt, Merck

Why Collective IQ?

We take offsites to the next level.

Humans learn and develop through experience.

At Collective IQ, we believe in the transformative combination of challenge, play and connecting people to their bigger picture. Every single part of an offsite is an opportunity to create a more effective team: cooking meals, being outdoors, solving challenges and debriefing on shared experiences.

Our offsites are known to stimulate growth while engaging all team members in their bigger picture.

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