improvisation at work at collective iq

Get your team of their head and into their body for innovative thinking, creative problem-solving or developing leadership skills with activities inspired by the Improvisation At Work method.

lego serious play at collective iq

More insight in less time: The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method opens up ideation, visioning and team building processes through three-dimensional group learning.

agile methodologies such as scrum, design thinking, google design sprints and kanban at collective iq

Going agile? We include Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Design Sprints and other methodologies in our offsite facilitation.

objectives and key results at collective iq

If the OKR framework is your chosen goal management tool, we help you shorten your learning curve with customised training, coaching or consulting elements.

experiential online virtual facilitation for workshops and elearning

Manage global teams successfully – with our experiential online facilitation services and cyber-leadership training programs your team can work effectively no matter where they are.

co-active coaching at collective iq

Take a balanced approach to your personal and professional growth: the co-active® coaching model focuses on both “being” and “doing” for you to become a more effective human being in all of your life.

organisational relationship and systems coaching at collective iq

In today’s interconnected world, Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching helps you to become aware of and integrate diverse team dynamics for long-term team effectiveness.

the collective iq model social team emotional cognitive intelligence

If you want to understand what is happening during your offsite on a deeper level, our Collective IQ Model provides in-depth theory and relevant background information.

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